Evaluation systems in the learning process

By Teresa Calveras, retired teacher

Evaluation is the driving force of education. Teachers spend many hours in evaluation-related activities (test preparation, correction, etc). However, these activities rarely improve the process of evaluating.

An important challenge is the integration of evaluation within the learning process. We must ensure that students know what is being pursued within the activities we give them, check them together to see how and if they are attaining the suggested teaching goals, modify them, expand them and then either self-evaluate, co-evaluate or prepare tests which are not a repetition of the work done before in the classroom, but activities requiring an organization of what they have learnt.

Goals, evaluation, review… all those, words that are part of everyday language among teachers, but that don’t reach the students. This is one of the challenges for future education: to involve students in the process of evaluating and throughout the learning process. In order to achieve this goal, we need a significant collaboration, not just the individual actions of teachers. We could then consolidate a process that, otherwise, would not be more than a small and interesting, but short-lived experience.

And, as always, schools must be open about evaluation and clearly communicate results to parents in order to counteract negative views concerning the evaluation process.




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