Presentation of the new UNESCO report “Rethinking Education”


Rethinking Education: Towards a global common good?

Presentation of the new UNESCO report “Rethinking Education”

Repensar l'educació

The last Tuesday 14th July at 17:00h, UNESCO presented in Barcelona the report “Rethinking Education”. The report revises and enhances the vision of the landmark UNESCO prior report, “Learning: the treasure within” (Delors Report). The event organised by Centre for the UNESCO of Catalonia with the collaboration of Fundació Jaume Bofill, took place at La Pedrera auditorium (Passeig de Gràcia 92, Barcelona) as part of the global launch of the publication.

The report was presented by Sobhi Tawil, Senior Programme Specialist of the Education Research and Foresight in the Education Sector of UNESCO and director of this report.

The event will also count on the participation of:

– Dr. Eduard Vallory, president of the Centre for the UNESCO of Catalonia, will present the main results of the initiative Educació Post 2015, leaded by Centre for the UNESCO of Catalonia and Fundació Jaume Bofill.

– Contributions about the challenges of education for Catalonia by Laia Bou, Principal of the Institut Mont Perdut (Terrassa); Coral Regí, Principal of the Escola Virolai (el Coll, Barcelona); and Astrid Ruiz, Principal of the Escola Congrés-Indians (la Sagrera, Barcelona).

– H. S. Andreu Mas-Colell, minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

– H. S. Irene Rigau, minister of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The report “Rethinking Education” enhances the vision provided by the two landmark UNESCO publications: Learning to Be: The world of education today and tomorrow (1972), the ‘Faure Report’, and Learning: The treasure within (1996), the ‘Delors Report’. The latter, one of the most influential educational report ever.

We are living in a world characterized by change, complexity and paradox. These changes signal the emergence of a new global context for learning that has vital implications for education. It requires that we revisit the purpose of education and the organization of learning. The complexity of today’s world requires a comprehensive approach to education policy embedded in a better understanding of the way in which knowledge is created, controlled, disseminated, acquired, validated and used. It also requires further development of the ethical principles that govern education and knowledge as common goods.

This new report is a call for dialogue among all stakeholders. It is inspired by a humanistic vision of education and development, based on respect for life and human dignity, equal rights, social justice, cultural diversity, international solidarity, and shared responsibility for a sustainable future. These are the fundamentals of our common humanity.

Education is the most important transformative force in a Knowledge Society. That is why we shoul rethink and re-imagine education in a changing world. In order to do so, some questions are needed:

Which kind of education do we need for the XXIst Century? How do the education purposes change in the current context of social and technological transformation? What are the main obstacles facing the re-organization of learning? How can we assure education as a “global common good”, beyond the “public/private” dichotomy? Which role will teachers and educators play in this new stage? Which are the challenges for Catalonia?

You can view the interview to Sobhi Tawil here and the event video here.

The Catalan version of the report available at: link


With the support of: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera



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