Get Involved

If you want to contribute to the debate on the objectives of education for the next 15 years in the world and here in Catalonia you can propose objectives that you think are most relevant from now until 2030.

At the moment the international debate is focused on three main priorities: Access, Equity and Quality. Within this framework we have suggested a range of questions so that you can choose some to make your contribution.

  1. Learning objectives: skills for life.
  2. School segregation. Schools that segregate or inclusive schools?
  3. Inclusive education. Cultural and functional diversity without discrimination.
  4. Pedagogical strategies that use learning methodologies with successful results.
  5. Democratic practises for a participatory society.
  6. Evaluation systems. Skills and beyond «teach to the test».
  7. Training and professional teaching beyond theory.
  8. Lifelong learning for everyone.
  9. Education for sustainable development.
  10. Discrimination based on gender. Empowerment of girls and women.
  11. Literacy.

Tell us if you think that some other issues should be included!

You can make your contribution through the following channels:

  • Write!: Make your contribution in writing, sending us a text of 150-300 words to
  • Record yourself!: Record your contribution in a short video (maximum 3 minutes) with mobile phone or with a video camera and send it via online file transfer services such as WeTransfer, Ydray, tt, Hightail, etc, to (we accept most common video formats).
  • Vote!: Participate giving your opinion on the subject in three international campaigns. Two of them are driven by the UN and the othe by the Research Group on Globalisation, Education and Social Policy (GEPS-UAB).

Worldwewant: Campaign aimed at collecting the opinions and ideas of the world’s people about how to achieve sustainable development.

Votemyworld: Campaign aimed at finding out the six subjects considered the most important by the world’s people.

iPetitions: Campaign aimed at promoting equitable and quality education for all.