«Education Post-2015» will develop through the following phases:

  1. Assessing the current situation regarding the advancement of the international debate between the different actors involved on post-2015 goals. It will be achieved mainly reviewing recent reports published by these actors at their institutional means.
  2. A Participatory process designed to receive inputs on the subject area from the largest number of people involved in education in Catalonia in order to nurture reflection and debate regarding the aims of education post-2015. Contributions can be made in written or audio-visual form and can be included in the project blog.
  3. Experts seminar for leading experts in education from Catalonia who will participate in a meeting to discuss global and local educational priorities for the next 15 years, together with the experts who are part of the core group of the project.
  4. The Final report which will include the main ideas expressed by the various people and organisations involved through the multiple forms available in the process. This will form the basis of the Catalan proposal to the international educational community. These contributions will be made specifically at the World Education Forum in Korea and at the 38th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris.

– Schedule: